Let’s Talk Clean: 5 Brands for the Home

Let’s Talk Clean: 5 Brands for the Home


If you’ve read my previous makeup and beauty posts, you know I am all about using cruelty-free makeup, skincare, and hair care products. While this transition has taken a year or two to fully take place for me, I just recently decided to do some research on household products. I never gave thought to household cleaning products that most people use on a daily basis being tested on animals, but they are. If you’re not overly concerned with the impact that testing products laden with chemicals on animals has, that is totally fine. However, the fact that there are harsh chemicals in products meant to clean your house that your family lives in should be somewhat of a concern, at least. The biggest problem in finding cleaning products that are cruelty-free is the same as with any cruelty-free makeup or beauty brand in that some companies claim cruelty-free status when they are not technically cruelty-free.

During my research the past week or so, I came across quite a few brand names that claim to be all natural and cruelty-free. While I cannot confirm all of them, I came across roughly five brands that did not have anything about them not being cruelty-free, so I’ll stick to those brands for now. Keep in mind that this as much of a learning process for me as it is for you! As I don’t have my own house yet, I don’t personally buy the cleaning products for the house and don’t have much say in what is bought. However, I am moving out at the end of the year and fully intend on researching more and either making my own cleaning products or buying cruelty-free brands. Here’s the 5 Brands I plan on trying!

    1. CitraSolv
    As the name suggests, a lot of their products are citrus scented which really intrigues me. Honestly, I love pretty much anything orange related. The smell is amazing to me! From what I can find, they have a little bit of everything. They have solvents, degreaser, multipurpose spray, and castile soaps. Their main scent seems to be “valencia orange”.
    2. ECOS
    I don’t recall seeing CitraSolv in stores anywhere, but I could have just overlooked it, honestly. ECOS, however, I’m almost positive that I’ve seen in places like Walmart and Target. They seem to have laundry detergent, hand soaps, kitchen and bathroom multipurpose cleaner (one that’s orange-scented!), dish liquid, floor cleaner, and even furniture polish!
    3. Biokleen
    Biokleen has most of the same stuff with a few extras such as: laundry powder, stain and order remover, laundry refresher (maybe a Febreeze replacement), and a drain cleaner. I’m not sure if I have seen this brand in stores. Have y’all seen this brand anywhere?
    4. Mrs. Meyers
    Mrs. Meyers seems to be pretty well-rounded! Hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent.. They seem to have pretty much everything! They even have a kitchen set (here) on Amazon that includes a dish soap, hand soap, and an everyday kitchen cleaner all for $11.37 with free Prime shipping! I might have to go ahead and try this one out.
    5. Method
    When searching this one, initially, I only found hand soap, which I know I have seen in plenty of stores before. However, upon further research I found quite a few products by Method! They have multipurpose/all purpose cleaners (is there a difference?), glass cleaner, antibacterial bathroom cleaner, and huge variety of other cleaners.

I plan on researching making my own cleaning products in the next few months as well, so if I find any good ones, I’ll be sure to share them with you! Do you make your own cleaning products? Have you used any of the brands I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below!

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