Dog Food: What’s In Your Dog’s Food and Why It’s Important

Dog Food: What’s In Your Dog’s Food and Why It’s Important

Hello, all!

This week I’m doing a small collaboration with to bring you their list of Top 13 Dog Foods. The people behind spent over one thousand hours researching and analyzing different dog food brands in order to put this guide together. They have several criteria as to what makes a good dog food. Not only did they look at what ingredients are included in the dog food, they did research on where those ingredients were sourced from, as well. In total, they researched over 2,000 dog food formulas and 115 brands to create their list of 13 Dog Foods. Check it out HERE.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (and really Facebook, too, let’s be honest), you know how much I love my dogs. I am truly THAT girl. You know the one…. The one who is always posting pictures of them, the one who makes sure they eat better than herself, I think you get the picture: I am the crazy dog lady. I’m totally okay with that. I mean, my dogs are going to be in my wedding! I don’t think it gets much more “crazy dog mom” than that.

Anyway, we have had our boy Siberian Husky, Goose, since he was a puppy. Our female Husky, Maya, we’ve have had for almost a year now! Maya is actually Goose’s mom. It’s kind of a long, complicated story as to how we ended up with Maya, but we love her so much. If you know anything about huskies, you know that they can sometimes be finicky and have sensitive digestive systems. Honestly, I am still constantly doing research on dog foods because we have gone through at least six (yes, SIX) since we’ve had Goose. Three of those have been in the past year since we got Maya.

We started Goose off on Purina puppy food because that is what the “breeder” had him on (I use the term breeder very loosely because they’re good friends of ours now and Maya only had the one litter of four puppies). Being that I’ve done a lot of reading on dog foods, Purina was NOT on the top of my list. The amount of recalls they have had in the past did not make me feel good about using that so we started buying Nature’s Recipe grain free puppy food. While this wasn’t the best option we found at the time, it was better than what we had been using. When my fiance moved to Charlotte and took Goose with him, I did MORE research in an attempt to save him some money since this was his first time truly being on his own, being that he didn’t have a roommate at the time and just bought a house.

Fast forward two and a half years to now, and we have had them on Nutro (Maya threw up for two weeks straight on that), Hill’s Science Diet (not a fan of their recalls, either), and now, I’m not even sure of the name of the dog food my fiance has them on. Researching this takes a lot of time and can be quite time consuming and expensive so coming into contact with the people at and their thorough list of dog food brands and recipes is awesome. I highly encourage you to check it out above and really look into what is in your dog’s food.

While I have not been able to try these foods out yet, I am excited to look further into each one and try out which one I think it best for our fur babies. There are SO many dog food options out there and I know that it can be expensive, but so can vet bills! Just give it some thought. Does anyone have any experience with these foods or brands? What about making your dog food? Let me know in the comments below.


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