5 (Affordable) Cruelty-Free Sunscreens

5 (Affordable) Cruelty-Free Sunscreens


With the 4th of July coming up very quickly, I’m sure a lot of us will be heading to the lake, the beach, or even just somewhere outdoors to, eventually, enjoy the fireworks at the end of the night to celebrate the United States of America… And that’s awesome! But what about protecting your skin? With it being the middle of summer over here, the days have gotten longer and that means the sun is up longer. Especially if you will be on the lake or at the beach for the 4th, you gotta protect that skin. As someone with very fair skin, I am the sunscreen queen. My dad has had plenty of skin cancer spots removed over the years and sometimes it’s better to learn from others’ mistakes. Fifty SPF sunscreen is my best friend because, yes, I am THAT girl!

If you have followed any of my previous beauty posts, you will know that I am all about using cruelty free products and brands/businesses. I get so excited when I find a new product, especially a reasonably priced one! However, I have, admittedly, struggled with my cruelty-free sunscreen search. The ones that I have found are not outrageously priced, however, they could most certainly be a little cheaper, for lack of a better word. Earlier this week, I went to Walmart for a couple of random items after work and decided to check out their sunscreen selection. Like most places, Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Coppertone, and Hawaiian Tropic seemed to be the dominant (and only) brands available, at least that I could find. To my knowledge, all of these brands have animal testing performed for their products.

Recently, I have come across a few different cruelty-free sunscreens that won’t totally break the bank. Remember, less is more, sometimes! You don’t have to spend a fortune for a good quality, cruelty-free sunscreen. I hope you enjoy this list.


    This is a brand that I found back in February while visiting my fiance in Daytona Beach while he was there working. I don’t remember exactly what I paid for it, but it was roughly $10 for 4 ounces. Funny thing is, I hadn’t used it until about a month ago when I went on a girl’s beach trip with my sister and a couple of friends. I have to admit that I was a little nervous using it for the first time while on the beach, only because I wasn’t sure how well it would protect my skin and I burn so easily as it is, but I have been extremely impressed with this brand. Check it out here:


    I have talked about this brand before, as I have used several of their products, but I have somehow missed the fact that they have sunscreen, go figure. I plan on trying this one out very soon! I don’t currently have a link for the lotion sunscreen, as it is not available currently on Amazon, but it is the “Yes To Cucumbers” sunscreen. I do, however, have a link to the sunscreen stick! Check it out here:


    This is another brand that I use other products from and didn’t know they had a sunscreen available.. I’m really dropping the ball, honestly! I’m working on it, I promise. I use the toothpaste by Jason and I absolutely love it! Anyway, this is another one I hope to check out soon! Check it out here:


    I have to say, I am SO excited about this find. This is another cruelty-free sunscreen brand, but here’s the kicker.. They have UV protective dry shampoo. What?! I know, I’m so intrigued by this. As someone whose scalp and hair always suffers from sun exposure, I will be trying this out very soon. If you’ve tried it out already, let me know what you think. Of course, they also have plenty of different regular sunscreen options. Check it out here (this retails at Target, as well):


    This brand is very new to me, but, from what I can tell, they are cruelty-free. If you have tried this brand out and either love it or hate it, let me know! I’m always interested in other peoples’ reviews. Check it out here:

As you may have noticed, I did not include any spray sunscreens in my list. While I don’t really have anything serious against them, I don’t really like them. Personally, I find them to be a bit of a waste of money. I know, sitting down and applying lotion all over can be time consuming, but sometimes the easiest route isn’t always the best route. I have found that I still have to rub in the spray sunscreen, unless I want a spotted sunburn. I have also noticed that the sprays run out so quickly and they’re just as (if not more) expensive as the lotions! I just can’t justify it, myself, but if that’s more your style, there are sprays available in all of these brands!

I hope you enjoyed my post! If you’re interested in checking out these brands’ FAQ’s and their stories, scroll back to the one you’re interested in and click on that brand’s name. I have linked their cruelty-free information pages in this post for convenience Be sure to comment below and let me know if you have tried out any of these brands and your thoughts on them. Don’t forget to share, as well.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you use those links to buy a product I may be compensated by Amazon. To learn more, check out my disclosure page.*

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